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We believe that it is important to connect the dots for everyone to wake up and realise that this climate crisis really does affect us all.

The Climate Queens

InBUSINESS speaks to Climate Queens Katie Harrington and Clodagh Kelly about spreading awareness of the effects of Climate Change on the planet and what can be done about it.

Q: Could you tell us about Climate Queens and why you created this podcast?
A: Climate Queens is a podcast series focusing on raising awareness on the effects humans are having on the planet and highlighting positive solutions that people can introduce in their daily lives. We met in Dublin back in 2017 while volunteering and became instant friends. We kept exchanging climate-related articles, books, videos. While Katie was looking for podcast recommendations that were easy to listen to, we realised there was a gap in the market for something like this!


Q: What is the message / goal of the Climate Queens podcast?
A: It can be difficult to accept that we are (living) in a climate crisis. The main message of Climate Queens is that knowledge is power. When we know more, we can do more. We encourage the simple act of sharing our episode with a friend or family member. We want our conversations to be approachable and enjoyable to listen to, providing hard-hitting facts along with simple good news or solutions.


Q: Why do you think this topic is so important?
A: We believe that it is important to connect the dots for everyone to wake up and realise that this climate crisis really does affect us all. Taking action is a great first step to create change. It is so important that we all work together, learn together and support each other to create change on an individual and systemic level.


Q: What challenges do you face when making the podcast?
A: We never set out to be podcasters, yet here we are, out of passion and necessity as we see it. Neither of us are extremely tech savy, but our reasons for creating this podcast outweighed this minor detail, so we went back to basics and researched how to start a podcast, what equipment we needed and channeled the circular economy by borrowing mics and asking other podcasters for advice. We were saturated with information about the climate but we did not know what information was real and where to begin looking! So we do face challenges in really trying to make sure that the facts we share are as verified as possible and include articles and links in our show notes.


Q: Can you share a recent Climate Queens highlight?
A: The last episode for 2019 was out on ‘Black Friday’ 29 November, all around slowing down and curating a sustainable festive season for yourself. You can expect to hear more from us in 2020. We will be back with more monthly episodes with more guest appearances to really delve deep into specific topics.